Letter to My Greatest Enemy

It is with great humility that I write to You in this manner. I know that it is not often that a king writes to another King in this way but I have been humbled by our encounters on the battlefield and feel compelled to communicate my thoughts to my most formidable foe.

I have fought many enemies in my life and have never been over taken. My life has been spent on the battlefield, my sword and shield have been my best friends, and I have bathed in the blood of those who dare to stand on the same ground as me. There is no one more fierce and no one who could possibly stand against a warrior such as me.

I am writing to you to say that I have finally met my match. You are the greatest enemy that I have ever face as Achilles said about Hector in the Trojan War. But Achilles defeated Hector and that is not so in this case. I have hated You for most of my life and have always longed to defeat You and take Your Kingdom. I have found, however, that I am no match for a King such as you.

As I sit here, my armor is bent and pierced by your sword, my helmet is bashed is and will no longer fit on my head, and my sword is so dull and chipped that it is no longer worth wielding. My blood drips down my side as You have pierce my flesh and my soul and I am standing on the edge of death. I have cursed Your name with my screams in the night as I have dreamt of your wielding sword and your eyes blazing with fire. The anger in your face haunts my very soul and haunts my very dreams. I have come to the conclusion, with much fear and trembling, that I am not worthy of such an adversary as You.

Therefore, I write to you with a request that you are certainly under no obligation to fill nor am I worthy for you to consider. It is not a letter of ceasefire at all. But instead, I surrender! I surrender! I can no longer stand on the edge of tomorrow knowing that I am the enemy of One such as you. Therefore, I lay down my sword! But not my sword only but my crown. The next time we meet, I shall prostrate myself before you O King and lay my crown at your feet. As I have spent most of my life scheming to take over Your Kingdom, I hereby willfully and humbly hand my kingdom over to You.

Finally, I beg you O Great King, though I am not worthy, to have mercy on your servant. My sword is Yours but I know that my battles I can no longer win on my own. I need you to fight them for me. But not as a servant of mine as I will forever be Your slave if you wish. But You, Great King, will forever more be the One of Whom I rely. I will no longer live on my own merits but will instead only live if You allow it to be so. My next breath, I shall ask Your permission before I breathe it. And my next fight I shall ask Your grace before I fight it and always ask that you fight it with me. But not beside me. Nor standing behind me. But Lord lead me in the ways that You want me to go.

I thank you for Your consideration for I am not even worthy of writing to One such as You. But if it pleases you O Great One, I shall beg for Your forgiveness to Your face, nay I shall beg at Your feet.

From Your humble servant and to my loving and merciful King YHWH.